A series of designs and animations for ‘Papillon’ — a theatre production for children by South West theatre companies Light and Lark and Sixth Sense Theatre. ‘Papillon’ is a story that explores the themes of dealing with death and celebrating life — through physical theatre, music, puppetry and integrated animation.

Opening meadow sequence with ‘insect traffic’

Materials used to create the sequences for ‘Papillon’ were paper, textiles, nuts, twigs and pebbles. The animation technique was based on paper cut-outs, and the software used was Photoshop and After Effects.

Papillon and his friend Spider

Designs & animation by: Dotty Kultys

Music copyright by: Sarah Collins (

Theatre photo & performance video copyright by: Owen Benson Visuals

Directed by: Aaron Parsons and Mark Powell

Produced by: Light and Lark and Sixth Sense Theatre


Meadow in the autumn

Fireflies dance at full moon